Horny Police

Kaeryn, a rebellious cop, is suspended in Pleasure City. But when a Lust plague hits, Chief Alf asks for her aid. The city is plagued by a strange phenomenon where men are aroused but unable to climax at night. As the player, help Kaeryn satisfy as many of these men as possible each night. Gain experience and upgrade Kaeryn’s abilities to potentially stop the Lust plague. https://wetpussygames.com/adult-cartoons/horny-police.html

Girls Stories

Discover the juicy details of girl talk in our latest blog post! From steamy sexual encounters to revenge sex, best friends Phoebe, Jesse, and Tasha spill all the tea about love and their experiences with boys. Plus, find out about a new Japanese sex toy and how it could improve your dating game. Want to know more? Check out Girls Stories and get inside the minds of girls like never before. https://wetpussygames.com/adult-games/girls-stories.html

Lustworth Academy

Join Jimmy Napkins on his wild journey as a rebellious student at Lustworth Academy, where he must navigate his way through rival classmates and outsmart his tormentors in order to pass his final year. And as a reward for helping him behave, you’ll have access to some wild pranks and the attention of some loose girls. Don’t miss out on this hilarious and scandalous adventure! https://wetpussygames.com/adult-games/lustworth-academy.html