Sex Jedis

Master Obi, a young Jedi, struggles to control his desires and turns to porn and self-pleasure after being forbidden from having sex by his master. But when a fellow Jedi offers him a chance to date 8 beautiful women from different planets, without breaking any rules, Obi must keep his secret from his master. Join Obi on this thrilling journey and see if he will succeed or face the consequences by playing the game now!

Memoirs Of A Happy Dude

Follow the daily routine of a sexually adventurous man as he encounters a variety of seductive and willing partners throughout his day. From early morning to late evening, each encounter adds a unique and thrilling chapter to his story, leaving readers wanting more and perhaps inspiring them to spice up their own sex lives. Get ready for a wild and steamy ride as you delve into the world of this happy man and his unforgettable sexual escapades.

Magical Monstergirls Academy

Embark on a magical journey at Magical Monstergirls Academy, a lighthearted RPG where you, the lone human student, explore a world of captivating monster girls. Master powerful magic, engage in steamy encounters, and experience a unique blend of fantasy, romance, and adventure. Immerse yourself in this enchanting world today!

Code Yoko Drill Spot

Prepare for an exhilarating hunting journey alongside the alluring Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Unbeknownst to you, Yoko harbors a hidden affection for you, and her genuine reason for accompanying you on this escapade is to grow closer. Engage in electrifying, unbridled intimate encounters as you delve into your desires with Yoko in this mature-themed game. Brace yourself for a wild adventure where hunting becomes secondary to passion and desire.